How To Make School Cool Again

For the most part, the education of children in the United States is starting to dwindle down further and further. Over the years, America’s education ranking in the world has plummeted down to embarrassingly low levels that many believe is causing the current state of our economic and financial issues. Many believe that putting children in the right path towards a better future begins by first going over and fixing up the education system. Here are just a few ways in which children’s education can be improved upon and further enhanced so that children not only enjoy their school lessons, but they learn much more which can then improve the nation’s test scores.

Creative Homework

One of the things kids hate the most about school is the homework. They learn so much at school, and then are given papers and projects to work on at home that are either boring or difficult to understand. Homework should inspire the children to want to learn more about the subjects being discussed. For example, if a math homework assignment simply had kids write down the answers to math problems from a book on a piece of paper, they’re only doing busy work. Instead, give the kids hypothetical scenarios they can relate towards. Have a math problem discuss how an extra large cheese pizza delivered to a party needs to be split up so that twelve people receive two slices each. How many total pizza slices would there be? Have the work relate to their lives, and they’ll be more interested in it.

Make More Team Projects

Some classes like to have big projects due over the course of a semester. These big projects often have one student working on everything and then being graded by themselves on their own project. There should be more options to have kids be able to work in pairs or even groups in order to work on a project. As long as the kids understand that their project grade will be determined by everyone involved, they can still learn a lot about the subject while also improving their team building skills which will be essential later in life.

Very Testing

Then there are the tests themselves. These tests and quizzes and exams are what determine whether children are learning enough about a subject. Some children are bad at taking tests, and while they may understand the subjects, answering multiple choice questions might confuse and mess them up. Tests are more than just multiple choices, and there should be options to have kids show what they’ve learned. Have the multiple choice test option, but also allow other types of tests such as:

  • Oral reports
  • Research papers
  • Visual presentations
  • Open response questions
Among others. Variety will allow children who learn and understand differently to deliver their own interpretation of what they’ve learned in class. This means more opportunities for kids to further enhance their study variety. There are many other ways in which kids can have a better school experience, and hopefully these bits of advice and more are taken into consideration in schools all across the United States. Let’s get the education rating back up to where it once was long ago.

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